Hi, I'm pseudoname.

My name is Ryan Deken, also known online as pseudoname. I'm a person who likes to program, make music, and do basically nothing else. (Eating food is nice, too.) I'm currently studying Information Technology as an undergraduate at Missouri State University. I'm an avid user, developer, and community moderator of Online Sequencer (OS), a browser-based DAW with a long history and a devoted userbase. You can usually find me there, but in case you can't, some of my other social medias are linked above.


Here, you'll get a brief list of each programming language I know, in order of how familiar I am with it. If it's not here, I have never coded with it. Ever. (Italics means I've seen it and plan to learn it in the future.)


I have a decent amount of experience as a performance musician, and I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable in digital music production. I'm by no means accredited, but I am experienced.

I have 7 years of experience on trumpet, including 4 seasons of marching band. I started playing in 6th grade and have been under the direction of numerous accredited local directors. Additionally, I took private trumpet lessons for a year and a half.

I took piano lessons under a private tutor for 3 years, and I've given live performances at least 4 times, although never for a judge. I also have 2 years of experience on synthesizer, because I participated in Modulation Z, my school district's unified drumline program. We won A-Class World Championships in 2022 and came in 2nd place in 2021.

My digital music production experience doesn't expand past OS - yet. I've made plenty of music there, but recently I've had my eyes on Reaper.